Monday, 30 June 2014

Our Infinity - A 'The Fault In Our Stars' inspired poem.

I loved reading The Fault In Our Stars! It broke and shredded my heart into bits<3  This book taught me that love is forever if not physically, and there were many quotes I take up for inspiration :) I wrote two poems about fault in our stars, one I posted it my allpoetry page a long time back and the other I'm posting it here because I want to share it with you amazing people :*

 I hope you enjoy this poem lovelies! And let me know which is your favourite, this one or the one in allpoetry page!! Both I hope you enjoy both of them :* :* :*

Here's the other poem on my allpoetry page- CLICK HERE


Our Infinity.
Our fate was already designed by the stars,
Even if I believed it to be true, I cannot silence my heart.
Because I fear I didn’t love you enough before you had to go,
Whether I’m sure or whether I doubt, the fact is I’m on my own.
My heart grew a love, a love for you, for all kinds of reasons,
A love greater than the many times I read, ‘The Imperial Affliction,’

I remember your unlit cigarettes,
The now sold swing set.
I remember the love we expressed, fearlessly,
And we knew our limited time could never have a possibility.

But when I met you, I swear my problems grew small,
And when I realized you felt the same, our infinity was born.
It grew and grew, until it was big enough to knock on forever’s door,
But little did we know that until the end, nobody knows for sure.
Our infinity was big only in our minds,
We fooled each other thinking time was kind.
Because the stars which brought us close,
Are the same stars I look up to now that I’m alone.

The beautiful city of Amsterdam, has left a forever mark,
All things we did, and all the things we said, won’t depart from my heart.

Missing you makes me feel happy and it makes me cry,
Our days were numbered, but I hope our love shall surpass when I die.
And if this world was a wish granting factory,

You'd be here and we'd have the bigger infinity.

(c) Dipika Syngai (c)

Don't forget to share it with the ones you love, if you love it ^_ ^ Have a great night ya'll :*

- Goodnight!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Scar You Left Behind.

Hey lovelies, I wrote a poem today, but I'm not  posting that today :( Instead I want to share you this poem, which I wrote a few months back. The Scar You Left Behind is an amazing poem too, that's why I'm posting it today :D By the way my poetry book is in the making...things are going well if not smoothly! But it's fine, I take it as a learning :D  Please check out my book when it comes out, and I'll let you all know when it comes out! And my editor also said I need to pick a name for myself, a permanent name once I'm a published poet/writer. Even when I get married, my name won't change lol xD Anyways, I chose the name 'Dipika. J. R. Syngai.' So that is my official name from now one!

In this poem, the girl is talking about her bittersweet scars, which someone gets after a not-so-amicable breakup :/ I enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoy reading this immensely :*

The Scar You Left Behind.


People talk about getting tattoos, they are works of art,
But I have a scar so deep that is the work of your heart.
This scar is not really a scar, it's just an expression for my emotions,
I'm a good wordsmith, but our fallout has no translation.
I thought it was love, did you think so too?
No you didn’t, but our love was once true.

My scar more than a tattoo, which runs deep,
No matter how much I scrub it, it’s never clean.
You see, wounds they heal, but not this mark,
Getting over you is not a walk in the park.
My scar keeps me warm in the form of memories,
I’m never really alone, deeper than my skin, it lingers in me.

Even if you meet someone new, you never forget your first,
Because we tend to think that whoever comes after can’t be much worse.
I can cover up my scars, but I don’t do that often,
Because I can’t be fixed since I’m not broken.
It’s a scar, just a loved and loathed scar, reminding me of the taste,
Of your lips and the brush of your skin, even today!

Will I get over you and find a better lover?
I think probably yes, no one is alone forever.
But I’ll have this scar and a painless end when I die,
I will find my person, before I end with time.
And then all I’ll be is a memory, a scar, or even a tattoo,

On someone who loved me as much as I loved you.

(c) Dipika Syngai (c)

'The marks you left on my heart by not physically hurting me,
Have now turned into scars, and do nothing but haunt me.' - Dipika J.R. Syngai.

Enjoy this poem everyone, let me know in the comments whether you like it, love it, hate it, loathe it, or want some things to be changed?? Have a great day ya'll! :*


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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hello! :)

Hey lovelies! It's been a long time since I came here...I've been too busy with writing my novel :) But sometimes when I get a break from it I spend my time watching TV :P I created an instagram last night, so if you're there, please follow me there, I'll follow you back :D

Have a great evening :*

xoxo' Dipika.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Do it with style- Chiffon! [A collab with Lucy]

Hey lovelies! Hope you all are having a fantastiqal week! I'm really excited today, this is my first ever collaboration with another brilliant fashion blogger, Lucy[Click Here]! We were telling each other our ideas and came up with the one of the best loved fashion look- Chiffon.

Quite frankly, I have always loved Chiffon, I love the way fashion bloggers and fashionistas mixed and matched them with just about everything. What I love about Chiffon is that they come in limitless colours and prints. The choices are endless, anyone can find their favourite colour in chiffon! Sheer chiffon is a bold statement and was thought only a few people could pull it off, but now every body type have been embracing it. Chiffon is perfeq for summer. It works well with any body types, but if you are a big girl- pair it with layers. It’s versatile and experimental nature fits in with anything! It goes along with neon, neutrals, bright colours and even single block colours.


I have gathered two looks, in the first look, "Look 1" I have paired up a checkered crop top with a purple high-low chiffon skirt, with circle glasses, a purse and Litas. This look is very simple, subtle but speaks for itself. In the second look, "Look 2" I have paired up bright neon colours- with a light pastel blue chiffon shirt with orange shorts, feathered earrings, and a black and white satchel, and a pair of lime green TOMS.

Go over to Lucy's blog and check her version :) I had a lot of fun collaborating with her! Would surely love to do it again in the future :) Please leave me with your thoughts and words! And you guys have a great week! :D

- Dipika

Friday, 26 July 2013

Love Is Difficult.

Hey lovelies, I haven't been updating at all. Not because my life is busy, nothing interesting is happening in my life. But because I'm been reading a lot of books. And working on my novel, it may seem easy at first, but it can be frustrating too :( I thought I'd be done with it by now, but I haven't... and because I'm a slow writer too. Anyways to distract myself, I've been writing poems now and then. This poem I'm about to share with you all, is tragic, but I wrote it in a way that along with the sad sentiments you can smile with it too :) Love can be difficult at times, especially when you already got hurt before. You're confused whether to love again or just build up another wall. And sometimes love can get so good that you end up questioning yourself if it's too good to be true?

Love Is Difficult.
Don’t know why I ran away,
Maybe because of a feeling I remembered from the past.
All it took was an “I love you,” to make me sway,
I wanted to swirl circles around your heart.

I remembered, how he had me fooled,
And how easily I gave him my everything.
Last night was right, you were perfectly eclipsing the moon,
You almost completed what I had been missing.

Love is difficult, so difficult; I forced you out of my life,
I don’t think I’m right for an “I love you,” from you.
Love is difficult, so difficult; I want to apologize,
I care about you, but an “I love you,” is still too soon.

I wanted you, but when you came closer to me,
My heartbeat stopped and my lips got cold.
Just like him, you will say goodbye eventually,
But when I felt your breath, it felt like I won’t be forever alone.

We were supposed to find a shooting star,
But I was fixated on the lovely moon.
How brightly it shines for earth, even though so far,
Could it be, was I made solely for you?

Love is difficult, so difficult, and I’m terribly sorry,
For making you think we’re on the same page of the story.
Love is difficult, so difficult, but for you it’s so easy,
I wish I understood myself, the way you believe in me.

I want to take it slow and see which way we grow,
In life nothing is guaranteed, so how will forever be for me?
But there are some ways of God, I’m not supposed to know,
Even though I tell you to, I hope you never leave.

And I’m running out of time, you won’t wait forever,
I promise I’ll find the answer, before you feelings change.
When I decide to love again, it will be with you and no other,
Love is difficult, so difficult, but I will figure it out one day.

(c) Dipika Syngai (c)

I hope you can relate to it. Leave me comments dearies to share the love and if you like/love it :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Flaming Fixation: Lee Hongki.

Our boy Hong ki started out as a boy-next-door with aspirations to a big and flamboyant rock-star who loves nail-arts as much as he enjoys creating music for us<3

Lee Hong Ki(이홍기), was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea where he shared a lovely home with his parents and a younger sister. Offer him wishes and gifts on 2nd March, 1990. And since he's a Pisces, that very much explains why he is the way he is :P Hongki's agency is F&C Music.

Doesn't he have the cutest smile? :)
Hong ki first started out as a child actor but wanted to pursue a singing career and debuted in 2007 as the lead singer of  F&C Music's first band- F. T. Island. And since then, his and his band mates journey took off into great heights!

F.T. Island
After Hong ki acted in "You're Beautiful" as Jeremy, more good fortune found it's way on F. T. Island's doorstep<3 They began targeting the overseas market, mainly being Japan. Hong ki lead his band to success and now he and his members are sitting quiet comfortable at the top of charts! His songs like Severely and Girls Don't Know are my favourites<3 Here's the MV for Severely-

All celebrities have obsession, some a weird, some are outrageous. Hong ki has an fetish with nailarts, I don't know weather to call it weird or outrageous! Maybe its leveled. 

Diamonds *_*
It has been reported Hong ki spends $45,000 a year in his nails!!! I've found some images online, and his nail arts are pretty and have diamonds on them! Only Hongki can get away with such expensive tastes, he has earned it :)

2013 will turnout to be a great year for Hong ki. He has many projects in his hands, first being the global addition of "We Got Married." He was paired up with a gorgeous Japanese actress, Fujii Mina to be a onscreen married couple.Passionate Goodbye, is a new movie which showcased Hong Ki's brilliant acting skills. It's his first ever movie. This is the OST for Passionate Goodbye called JUMP, it's a nice song. So please see the movie and not pirate it =)

If you ask me, they look adorable together<3

I hope the future is bright for Hong ki :) He is too cute for words and has a very kind heart! Please support Hong ki, through his band, movies and music. I read somewhere, he has had a few tragic heartbreaks...I hope he finds someone who'll be steady and never break his heart, maybe Fujii Mina could be the one for him<3


So what do you think of Hong Ki? Don't forget  to comment your thoughts and follow me, I'll do the same always! Have a great evening ya'll! :)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Every girl's PROM is here! JJsHouse!

That one night of high-school where there are no labels or stereotypes. Yes, it's PROM!!! Every girl can go all out, holding nothing back when it comes to dresses, shoes, hairdos and limitless amount of glitters and shimmers! All girls dress to impress everyone and they especially want their dates to be WOW'd!!!

Usually it's the mother and daughter duo who go shopping for the perfect Prom outfit. But now many are choosing the at home online shopping experience, where girls and their mothers can discuss over the designs and price in the comfort of their own home. Which leads me to tell you all about this great online-store JJsHouse where you can find any type of dresses for any occasions! They do worldwide shipping, so it doesn't matter which country you're from :)

But now I'm specifically talking about prom dresses. Last years we saw  many cocktail and cupcake dresses, but this year...I'm seeing a lot of a-lines, floor-lengths, princess and pretty much long gowns! Sequins and gold are one of the favourites!!! In JJsHouse, I'm seeing a lot of corals and neutrals, but they have a diverse range, I'm sure whatever your taste might be, you'll find it!<3

The price is reasonable, starting from as low as 50$ to a generous 250$. These are my top picks-

Hurry and check JJsHouse out!!!! You won't regret :)

- Dipika
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