Friday, 26 July 2013

Love Is Difficult.

Hey lovelies, I haven't been updating at all. Not because my life is busy, nothing interesting is happening in my life. But because I'm been reading a lot of books. And working on my novel, it may seem easy at first, but it can be frustrating too :( I thought I'd be done with it by now, but I haven't... and because I'm a slow writer too. Anyways to distract myself, I've been writing poems now and then. This poem I'm about to share with you all, is tragic, but I wrote it in a way that along with the sad sentiments you can smile with it too :) Love can be difficult at times, especially when you already got hurt before. You're confused whether to love again or just build up another wall. And sometimes love can get so good that you end up questioning yourself if it's too good to be true?

Love Is Difficult.
Don’t know why I ran away,
Maybe because of a feeling I remembered from the past.
All it took was an “I love you,” to make me sway,
I wanted to swirl circles around your heart.

I remembered, how he had me fooled,
And how easily I gave him my everything.
Last night was right, you were perfectly eclipsing the moon,
You almost completed what I had been missing.

Love is difficult, so difficult; I forced you out of my life,
I don’t think I’m right for an “I love you,” from you.
Love is difficult, so difficult; I want to apologize,
I care about you, but an “I love you,” is still too soon.

I wanted you, but when you came closer to me,
My heartbeat stopped and my lips got cold.
Just like him, you will say goodbye eventually,
But when I felt your breath, it felt like I won’t be forever alone.

We were supposed to find a shooting star,
But I was fixated on the lovely moon.
How brightly it shines for earth, even though so far,
Could it be, was I made solely for you?

Love is difficult, so difficult, and I’m terribly sorry,
For making you think we’re on the same page of the story.
Love is difficult, so difficult, but for you it’s so easy,
I wish I understood myself, the way you believe in me.

I want to take it slow and see which way we grow,
In life nothing is guaranteed, so how will forever be for me?
But there are some ways of God, I’m not supposed to know,
Even though I tell you to, I hope you never leave.

And I’m running out of time, you won’t wait forever,
I promise I’ll find the answer, before you feelings change.
When I decide to love again, it will be with you and no other,
Love is difficult, so difficult, but I will figure it out one day.

(c) Dipika Syngai (c)

I hope you can relate to it. Leave me comments dearies to share the love and if you like/love it :)


  1. How beautifuly u have explained the confusion of mind when someone is in love.. Its deep emotions...
    Happy weekend...
    m on instagram now, lets follow each other there..
    Keep in touch

  2. Hi what a cute nice blog honey you have.....My name si Marie I am a Blogger based in italy and I was wandering if we could follow each other GFC bloglovin
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    1. Nice to meet you Marie!!!! And sure we can, I just followed you :)

  3. What a lovely poem:) Thank you for sharing. It was nice to read this on a Saturday morning:)

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  5. Ah love is complex,love your poem.Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ofcourse we can follow each other.Following you now!

    1. Thanks Diana! I'll follow you now :)

  6. Awww that's so cute Dipika!
    Pretty blog,what about following each other via GFC, Bloglovin and Lookbook? Just let me know!


    1. Hey Carolina, thank you so much!!! But I think we are already following each other since long :)

  7. Hey girl, what a wonderful poem! It's so cool, that you are writing your own book, I always thought writing about the two years that I lived in New York ;-) Thank you for your lovely comment and good luck with your book, xoxo

    1. Thank you Laura! I wish I could live in New York, you're very lucky :)

  8. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    You are so good with words!

    Have a great day,

  9. Beautiful poetry!
    I get these fellings! I think they are universal, love is universal and difficult! ;)

  10. Follow you back honey thanks <3 can we follow also FB and twitter? I will do the same let me know


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    1. Thanks, and yes I'll follow you now :)

  13. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany, xx


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